Meet our Advisory Team

  • Kevin Miller Matsunaga - Founder of Vinifty

    Kevin Miller, Jr., MPA

    Founder / Director

    Kevin has over ten years of experience in the halal sector and five years of experience focusing on sustainability. He formed Vinifty to integrate his experience with halal assurance and sustainability into one decentralized platform. He currently resides in the US.

  • Ainul - Halal Food Assurance Tracking Advisor


    Advisor - Halal Assurance

    In 2011, Ainul visited halal restaurants with Kevin in HCMC, Vietnam. Several months later, GoHalalVietnam!, Vietnam's first halal directory, was launched. Ainul continues to serve as an advisor for halal assurance. She currently resides in Malaysia. He currently resides in the UK.

  • Joseph Shamis - Islamic Expert for Vinifty

    Joseph Shamis

    Advisor - Islamic Expert

    Joseph is an American and Turkish dual-national educated at Harvard University in Islamic Studies. He serves as an advisor for issues related to halal interpretation. Joseph lives a sustainable lifestyle in the Ohio woods.

  • Dr. Salim Ayduz

    Dr. Salim Ayduz, PhD.

    Advisor - Islamic Studies

    Dr. Salim Ayduz is a renowned Islamic historian. He has published many books that explores the Muslim contribrutions to the world. You can see a list of books he authored at the Muslim Heritage, website.