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What are Dapps?

Dapps are decentralized applications that run on decentralized networks while traditional apps rely on more centralized servers such as AWS. Dapps tend to be focused more on smart contracts on the blockchain. Vinifty's initial apps instead will rely on utilizing decentralized databases. We do see integrating our Dapps with the blockchain in the future.

The data collected by our apps are stored on Peer Users' devices (computers, tablets, or mobile). Peer Users include the average user, restaurant owners, and business owners. Anyone connected to the halal food supply chain will be part of the system. We want to keep our Dapps at the grassroots level. Vinifty will have relay servers as part of the decentralized network that easily connects peer devices, aka nodes, into one distributed network (see below).

Vinifty's decentralized apps use decentralized networks.
Vinifty's decentralized apps use decentralized networks.

Our initial products

Our initial products are progressive web apps (PWA) intended to work on both desktop and mobile devices making use of their browsers. Both are decentralized apps as explained above. We will start with the F&B sector first.

ecotori logo with Vinifty.
ecotori logo. Tori is Japanese for bird.


We may change the name of the app in the future.

ecotori is in development and aims to track the entire food product chain at the grassroots community level. Key people at each stage of the process will input information on their peer devices. Farmers and butchers will start the process. Businesses in each following stage will continue it. The data collected at these stages will be accessed, and updated, via QR code, on the Dapp. Each time the product is processed, i.e. meat cut into pieces, a new QR will be generated. Finally the consumer will close the process.

Edited on: Nov 28, 2022.

Elnur.Cloud will rely on Progressive Web Apps for its decentralized products.
Vinifty will rely on Progressive Web Apps for its decentralized products.